PART 5 - Special Topics

The following organizations and presenters offer programs on special parenting topics.

ADD/ADHD/Challenging Child

See Special Needs, below.

Addiction/Recovery (Alcoholism and/or drugs)
African-American Families
Anger Management
Child Safety
Chinese Families
Court-Referred Parents

Many courses are accepted by the courts in fulfillment of court-ordered participation in a parenting course.  The follow­ing courses are specifically designed for court-referred parents.  Ask if a certificate of participation would be availa­ble before you take the course.

Deafness, Sign Language
Domestic Abuse
Foster Parenting, Grandparenting, Parenting Children of Relatives
Health & Safety
Infants, Toddlers, & Preschoolers

See the Health & Safety section above for childbirth and newborn classes.

Interfaith Parenting
Japanese Families
Jewish Families
LGBT Families, Youth
Military Families
Muslim, Iraqi Families
Parenting Plans
♦ Preparation for Parenting

See listings under Health and Safety, above.

School Engagement
Single Parenting
Social Skills, Emotion Management Skills

See, a resources directory.

Spanish-Language Families
Special Needs

Includes ADD, Autism, Disabilities, and other special conditions.
Also see Social Skills, Emotion Manage­ment Skills, above.


See Special Needs, below.


See also Addiction/Recovery, above, and courses keyed “PT” in section 3.

Teen Parents
Twins & Multiples