Part 1 - Overview

Overview the Parenting Calendar, Effective Parenting, and PSAS.

What Is The Parenting Calendar?

Thanks to the Horizons Foundation, this grant-funded calendar lists all the parenting courses, lectures, workshops, con­ferences, parent coaches and men­tors, support groups, and facilitator trainings that we are aware of in the central Puget Sound area, as well as online resources.  We also list par­enting resources for special topics, such as “Adoption,” or “Spanish-Language Families.”

We publish the calendar quarterly and update it frequently between issues.  If you teach parenting, let us know and we’ll list your courses, Adlerian or otherwise.

We are most famil­iar with Adlerian-based events and services, which appear in shaded boxes throughout the calendar.  We do not endorse specific events other than those we sponsor, and we encourage you to check the approach and qual­ifica­tions of specific presenters.

Our goal is to help people improve their family relationships so that family life will be more satisfying and individuals in the family will have an improved sense of well-being.  We hope you will find The Parenting Calendar useful and will let others know about it!

What Is Effective Parenting?

We particularly encourage you to select a course or support group that focuses on improving family relation­ships, not a course focusing on “behavior management” (reward and punish­ment).  Adlerian-based courses, and some others, help parents “work WITH” their children, rather than “do TO” them.

Research is showing that children who are raised respect­fully (without reward and punishment) tend to have many few­er men­tal and physi­cal illnesses in later life and to live longer.  See “Improv­ing par­enting:  the why and the how,” download­able for $20 at (it’s well worth it!).  The author is Dr. Sarah Stew­art-Brown, a physician, researcher, and director of a university school of pub­lic health in the UK.  Improv­ing parenting is part of her country’s “respect agenda.”

The US Centers for Disease Control and Pre­vention, in collabora­tion with Kaiser Perma­nente’s Health Apprais­al Clinic in San Diego, has found that childhood traumas “are major risk fac­tors for the leading causes of ill­ness and death in later life as well as poor quality of life in the United States.  Pro­gress in preventing and recov­ering from the nation’s worst health and social prob­lems is likely to benefit from the understanding that many of these prob­lems arise as a conse­quence of adverse child­hood expe­ri­ences.”  (From the ACE Study, “one of the larg­est investi­ga­tions ever conducted on the links between child­hood maltreatment and later-life health and well-being.”  (

What Is the Puget Sound Adlerian Society (PSAS)?

The Puget Sound Adlerian Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization.  We offer Positive Discipline and Disci­plina Positiva (free, donation- and grant-funded parenting courses) and free monthly First Fri­day Forums for coun­selors, therapists, and anyone else who is interested in human relation­ships and well-being.  We also co-sponsor train­ings for parent educa­tors and for teachers.  We wel­come membership inquiries and visitors to our free library.  See Par­ent­ing with PSAS (p. 5) for more informa­tion about Adlerian parent­ing.  For our calendar of PSAS events, please see