PSAS Parenting Course Arrangement

Positive Discipline & Disciplina Positiva Arrangements ~ 2019-20

Information for Potential Co-sponsors (revised Apr. 29, 2019)

Our Parenting Course (6- or 7-week, 14-hour Parenting classes)

Thank you for your interest in Positive Discipline, Disciplina Positiva (in Spanish,) and 正向教養 (in Mandarin Chinese.) These are seven-week, 14-hour, experiential courses for parents who hope to create more cooperative, healthful, and joyful relationships with children. Teachers, grandparents, caregivers, counselors, and others who live or work with children also find these courses immensely helpful. We co-sponsor each course with one or more other nonprofit organizations (primarily schools, PTAs, and family centers), who host the courses and provide childcare.

The courses are most helpful for people who live or work with children ages 2-12, although those who live or work with youth also participate. Many people report that Adlerian parenting courses, with their focus on mutual respect, are helpful for workplace, marital, and other relationships as well.

PSAS usually has grant funding for several free Positive Discipline, Disciplina Positiva, and 正向教養 courses each school year. If your nonprofit organization would like to co-sponsor a course, please call PSAS at 206-527-2566.

The following information for potential co-sponsors is generic and can be modified for specific presentations. The “Letter of Agreement” that follows is also generic and is tailored for each specific course.

For several years, with grant funding, PSAS offered these two courses free in addition to our award-winning, free lecture course, Sanity Circus, which we offered for some 30 years. All three courses are based on Adlerian Psychology, and for each the theme is “Kind and firm at the same time.” The courses help adults “work with” rather than “do to” children. Research is showing that improving family relationships is an effective path to mental and physical health for our children in midlife, and also to greater longevity. (Please see the article at the end of this document.)

Over the last several years, many participants have contributed to our Pay-It-Forward Fund, enabling PSAS to offer several additional courses. Donations to this fund are always welcome!

PSAS has bookstore and library copies of Positive Discipline, Disciplina Positiva, Positive Discipline: The First Three Years, Positive Discipline for Preschoolers, Positive Discipline for Teenagers, and other books by Jane Nelsen, EdD, and others. Call or email PSAS, 206-527-2566, to borrow or purchase these books.

Course Arrangement & Letter of Agreement

Click here  for the general guidelines that may be modified by agreement of PSAS and the co-sponsor. Sharing the work makes these courses possible. Changes need to be specified in the Letter of Agreement (p. 4).