McVittie, Jody, MD

Jody is a certified Positive Discipline Associate, has taught Adlerian parenting for many years, and also trains parent educators and teachers. She coaches by phone, primarily with parents who have already taken a parenting class. Seattle. See, call 206-782-1595, or email (PP, $)

Mielenz, Cecile Culp, PhD

Cecile is a parent coach and child development specialist and is co-author of Mentor Man-ager, Mentor Parent: How to Develop Responsible People and Build Successful Relationships at Work and at Home. She is a recipient of the Outstanding National Educator award, teaches parent education for Shoreline Community College, and is director of the Woodinville Family Preschool. Woodinville, 425-318-0062. (PP, $)

Miller, Melanie, MA

Melanie is a school counselor and a Positive Discipline Lead Trainer, and also works with families and does home visits. Kirkland, 206-579-2172. (PP, $)

Bennett, Barbara, MA

Barbara is an educational therapist/consultant and has worked with parents and their children, teachers, and physicians for over 25 years, specializing in dyslexia, LD, AD/HD, language disorders, anxiety, and special education/504 consultation. Seattle. Call 206-325-2522 or email (SN, $)

Mama2Mama Coaching

Leanne Kabat is on the Mamacon conference team and offers The Transformational Package (4 hrs. on one day) and The Summit Package (4 hrs. over a 4-wk. period). Call or email her at 425-213-0863, (MM, $227)

Caffee, Olga, Ed.S

Olga is a school psychologist and a certified provider in Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (developed by Dr. Ross Greene). She works with families who have children with challenging behaviors and offers a free half- hour initial consultation at her office in Green Lake. Call 206- 432-0096 or see (PP, $)

Morales, Anita Garcia

Anita is a certified Positive Discipline and Disciplina Positiva presenter and a retired secondary social studies teacher. Seattle, 206-409-2120. (PP, $)