PSAS Events

For parents, educators, mental-health professionals, students, and other people

interested in human relationships and human well-being.

Please see the schedule on the following page.

The science of the mind can only have for its proper goal the understanding of human nature

by every human being . . . and peace for every human soul.

                                    Alfred Adler, MD

In this spirit, PSAS offers free First Friday Forums, free, grant- or donation-funded Positive Discipline and Disci-plina Positiva par­enting courses, and other educa­tional events for every­one who is concerned with human rela­tionships and well-being.  We are happy to report that the Horizons Foundation has again funded a year-long series of our parenting courses. 

At our First Friday Forums, various presenters address subjects of interest to mental-health professionals, edu­cators, parents, and others. 

 At quarterly forums, Stephen A. May­bell, PhD (Director of the Student Counseling Center and Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy at Seattle Pacific University) has presented Clinical Conversations.  He is taking time off to deal with health concerns, and we hope that he’ll return for more forum presentations later on.

We are sad to say that our Professional Development Seminars for mental-health professionals and grad­u­ate students have been suspended because of the passing of Robert L. Powers, one of our presenters, and the decision by his wife and co-presenter Jane Griffith to move back East.  There’s hope that another presenter will become available shortly. 

With the retirement of Stephanie Cross, Sanity Circus (our parenting course for 30 years) morphed into Posi­tive Discipline and Disci­plina Posi­tiva courses---still Adlerian, still grant funded and free, and still co-sponsored and hosted by various other nonprofit organizations.   Anita Garcia Morales and Ximena Grollmus are now the pre­senters for these courses.   Both are also PSAS Board members.  Jessica Hsieh, our new Coordinator, is now teaching Positive Discipline in Mandarin.     

With Sound Discipline and the Positive Discipline Association, we co-sponsor Teach­ing Parenting the Positive Discipline Way and Positive Discipline in the Classroom.  With Sound Discipline, we also co-sponsor the course Positive Discipline in the Early Childhood Classroom.    

CE hours for licensed mental-health professionals are available at PSAS events.  The CE fee is $10 per hour for PSAS members, and $15 per hour for oth­ers. 

To join the PSAS “Friends” email list for event notices, or for further information, please call or email us, 206-527-2566,  To become a PSAS member, please see  Annual dues are $30.00.  To suggest a topic or presenter for a First Friday Forum, please email or call us.


Our mission is to nurture dignity for all

by encouraging democratic relationships and a sense of belonging.


Friday, September 7

PSAS Board Meeting

6:15 – 7:15 p.m.  PSAS members are welcome to visit. 

Friday, September 7, First Friday Forum ~

Therapy Sessions: Professional Mistakes, Disasters, and What We Learn From Them

7:30 – 9:30 p.m.  Everyone is welcome. 

Who ~ Leonard Shaw, MSW, is a long-time member of PSAS and has practiced therapy for 55 years.  He has always looked to make therapy more efficient and impactful. Leonard has taught at training centers in Canada, Europe, and the Canary Islands.  For 27 years he conducted workshops for prisoners at Monroe State Prison.  He continues his private practice, offers workshops on Spiritually Based Gestalt Therapy, and also does some work in Europe.

What ~ Heart-warming, therapeutic, and open discussions on professional mistakes, disasters, and what we learn from them while conducting therapy.

Where ~ 8249 38th Ave. N.E., Seattle 98115

Why ~ Information, CE hours, and Gemeinschaftsgefűl (Adler’s “social interest,” or “community feeling,” or simply because we care about each other and the community) (treats, too, of course!)

When ~ 7:30 - 9:30 p.m.  The Board meets until about 7:15—please time your arrival accordingly.

How much ~ The forum is free.  CE hours are available for mental-health professionals ($10/hr. for members, $15/hr. for others).  Donations are always welcome.  (Annual dues are $30.)

RSVP ~ Space is limited.  Please email or call 206-527-2566 if you plan to come. 

Friday, October 5

PSAS Board Meeting

6:15 – 7:15 p.m.  PSAS members are welcome to visit. 

Friday, October 5, First Friday Forum ~

Adlerian Psychology Reviews

Who ~ Richard Meeks is a therapist in private practice and is president of the PSAS Board.  He also teaches at Antioch University. 

What ~ Adlerian Psychology Reviews   Guided discussions on fundamental believes, and concepts of Adlerian Psychology.



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